My paintings are like monsters of Frankenstein.
I start by collecting images, like a grave digger looking for dead bodies.
These images are often drawings that I call my darlings. I made most of these darlings while going through a rather peculiar childhood. But then something terrible happened, and I killed my darlings. I haven’t been able to bring my darlings back to life. I tried, but I failed. They became monsters — like the monster of Frankenstein. I cut my dead darlings to pieces and then I collage them back together to create a new image.
I see myself as an image-maker. I find imagery very meaningful. In my opinion, art is about transformation and escaping into self-made worlds and inviting people in.

I’m deeply interested in the nonsensical. Just like the road signs in Alice in Wonderland, my work points in all directions. My paintings are about the tension between the figurative and abstract. My paintings show stories without beginnings or endings. The stairs lead to nowhere and everywhere. The paintings mean nothing and everything.

My paintings refer to the conflict between Rothko and Warhol. Rothko thought that, with his colour field paintings, he was the end of art history. But then, all of a sudden, Warhol started painting Popeye. This upset Rothko so much that he committed suicide. My work is a response to both. There will never be an end to art history. Art history is a never-ending story.

 People Come and Go   acrylic on canvas, 100cm X 80cm