Belle's Island, expected soon!

'Féline Minne unfurls the saga of her forebears with elegance and a lightness of touch. Intense experiences related through sensitively drawn vignettes leave plenty of room for inference. Deeds are not so much explained as observed; decisions are described but not judged. Belle’s Island is a generous novel that conveys the inscrutable web of relations from which we are all constantly trying to extract our sense of self.'
— Sally O’Reilly

‘Féline Minne writes like she paints: impulsively. Reading her novels feels the same as entering her magic realist world of her paintings.’
— Alexis Teplin

‘Knowing who you are and where you come from is a prerequisite to life, love and social engagement. If more of us did, then politics would no doubt be very different in the here and now of our global moment. Hats off to Féline Minne for bravely going there with sincerity and optimism and emerging even stronger in Belle’s Island.’
— John Slyce

‘I enjoyed reading Belle’s Island very much. Féline Minne is an eccentric pointillist with an original voice and literary talent.’
— Peter Buckman