Féline Minne (UK, 1990) is doing her PhD in studio art at University of the Arts, Chelsea, London. She has an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, a BA in Animation Filmmaking from KASK, Ghent, Belgium, for which she received the greatest distinction (1st honours). She did an Erasmus year at the Kunstakademie Münster, Germany, travelled the world and lived in Canada.

Féline Minne was named 'Eveline Gevaert' by her father when she was born, but when they became estranged, she decided to change her name. She always loved Disney, especially Bambi (because she loves animals and nature) and his girlfriend's name is Féline (not pronounced like the cat, but like Céline Dion, with an F or spelled differently: Faline). She changed her surname to Minne, which means memory in Norwegian and love in old Dutch. Both love and memory are key subjects in her work. She is interested in bringing childhood drawings into adult consciousness, the feeling of wonder, the nonsensical, and magical worlds.

Féline Minne did a tribute to Frida Kahlo, because, according to her, there is no difference between art, life and love. Frida Kahlo lied about her age. She always said that she was born in 1910, but she was actually born in 1907. The reason why Frida Kahlo lied about her age was because she had been ill for a few years and had to start art school 3 years later than her fellow students and she wanted to have the same age as her peers. The second reason was political. 1910 Was a symbolic year for the socialist revolution in Mexico.

Féline Minne was born in Ghent, Belgium, 1987. She also started art school a few years later than her fellow students. When she went to Germany for an Erasmus Year, she decided to change her birthday to 3 October 1990: the day of the reunification of Germany. To Féline Minne it's her symbolical birthday and it stands for the reunification with herself.